June 11


Are You Accidentally Diminishing Your Team?

I think I'm pretty good at listening to what my team has to say, and making sure they feel they are heard. That they can give their opinion and it will be considered.

But am I? Are you? How would I even know if I wasn't?

When the article linked below came up on LinkedIn recently, I decided to take the test included. Digest my results. Think about the suggested ways to make sure I am listening carefully, and giving each team member a chance to voice an opinion or solution before I give my thoughts.


If you are a manager, team leader, or just want to build a stronger, more inclusive team, I strongly suggest you take the quiz and think about the results. Block out 30 minutes and do it now. The quiz only takes a couple of minutes, then take the rest of the half hour to consider the results, and how you run meetings.

Where you fall on the scale isn't so important - think of this as a prompt to allow you to reflect on the way you interact.

I'm going to have a go at the "Wicked Meeting" game in my next meeting.


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