October 22


Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Part 2: Building A Quiz

Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Tutorial Part 2 - Building A Quiz

The following video "Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Part 2 - Building A Quiz" was the second of 3 #thriveninjasessions I created for the Facebook group Thrive Themes - Community And Support. It was originally published on September 24, 2018. If you use or are interested in Thrive Themes, I recommend you join the group, there's lots of really helpful people there, and me!

Today I'm building a quiz!​

I'll also talk about how to plan your outcome, questions, and categories you might want.

Again it's a little longer than I really wanted, but there's a bit in the planning that needs to be considered.

My biggest take-away? Ask yourself "Do I really need that information?" If you are even slightly less than a definite "Yes" then rethink the question carefully. Your site visitors will feel uneasy if you get too personal. Then they will leave without completing your quiz.


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