December 17


Time To Go All In

It's Time To Go All In

It's time.

Time to grow.
Time to change.
Time to take charge.
Time to reveal where it is I'm being drawn.

You see, I've been hiding...

Behind a keyboard. Doing the things that I like to do. Writing code. Solving problems. Fixing errors. Automating systems.

Things that keep me safe.

But it's not enough.

It's not enough for me.

It's not enough for my family.

Where to now?

There's a couple of things happening, both of which mean working more closely "with" Kirsten than "for" her.

The sum of these 2 things is a huge shift for me. In fact in the last weeks I had been interviewing for a senior role at a Melbourne payments company, for a full time position back in the Melbourne CBD.

But events & experiences have a way of changing your course when you least expect it...

The first "big thing"

I'll be doing much of the running of our doTERRA essential oils business.

Organising and supporting the existing team. And at the same time working closely with our business builders to ensure they are as successful as they can be. Kirsten will be helping with strategy, and recruiting. And I'm sure she will stay current with what's going on in our oily world. But the day to day operation, and the accountability and guidance is all me.

This is a big move, putting my name out there as the head of this arm of our family business. But also it's an incremental progression from what it was I loved about my previous roles in software development - Team building and mentoring. Working together to get the best from everyone.

I'll talk more about how this happened and how I'll move into this in the coming days.

The second "big thing"

I'd made the decision to step into this first, and until recently it felt like a huge, exciting leap. Not so much now though. Still exciting, just not so huge. A combination of the news above and just getting used to the idea means it doesn't feel so big any more. It's still big, just not "whoa, that's massive!" big.

Kirsten and I are running a couples retreat. In Colombia. For 10 days. For 4 couples. At a retreat centre 2 hours outside of Bogota.

Yes, we are running a retreat together.

I've not been on this sort of retreat before. I have been on retreats, though they were called "Man Camp". They were focussed on men, which shouldn't be a surprise.

But not in a "Ra! Ra! Lion eats sheep!" kind of way, more a "Step outside your current life and look back in" way. More with mutual support, gentle guidance, safe, simple practices, and a safe environment to really consider what life could look like.

That's the sort of environment that works for me. And it's the sort of space I want to create for the people that join us in Colombia.

The experience and the activities will be very different. But the guidance, the support and the ability to step away from regular life will be the same.

To learn more about our retreat to Colombia, take a look over here.

Reach out if this type of experience interests you at all. I'm really looking forward to this chance to really expand my leadership, mentoring and guiding abilities.


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