Complex Development Projects

Leader In Complex Development Environments

Stuart Roberts

I am a developer skilled in solving intricate problems with multiple dependencies over a variety of platforms and technologies.

With over 20 years in software development I have gained a reputation as a go-to person in areas that have a high impact and high integration with other business and technical needs.

Most recently I was Product Manager on a JV project developing a competitor to AfterPay in the Australian market between Clear Dynamics, Latitude Financial Services and a major international consumer payments provider.

The project had many stakeholders to interface between. The driver of the use of the product was one stakeholder. The ultimate owner of the product who was responsible for development and integration to other large evolving systems was another. The third stakeholder was the main development team. In this complex environment I managed the development priorities across UX design and functional use, along with the integration between systems.

Prior to this role, my most recent development role was the technical architect on the largest non-bank credit card issuing and authorisation hub in the southern hemisphere. If you've booked international travel or a hotel, there's a 1 in 3 chance at least a part of your payment went through my services.

Prior to this I had been spending more time mentoring junior developers & working with non-development teams in order to increase inter-operation between development and ops to increase quality and reduce downtime.

...a dedicated professional with a can do attitude...

Daniel deRochfort Product Owner, Latitude Financial Services

I was lucky enough to work with Stuart on 2 major projects.

Stuart is a dedicated professional with a can do attitude who was able to multitask project management and technical development with ease.

Development Highlights

  • Product Manager on a joint project between Clear Dynamics, Latitude Financial Services and a major international consumer payments provider to develop a competitor to AfterPay in the Australian market.  I interfaced with business partners across UX design, development team & functional requirements.   The role included prioritising & estimating development team tasks, demonstrating to partners and evaluating feedback from user / focus group testing.   Our team also had responsibility to solve functional gaps between the backend systems being integrated. 
  • Sole technical architect at eNett (an Australian payments processing company for the global travel industry) building the largest non-bank credit card issuing and authorisation hub in the southern hemisphere on private cloud infrastructure. More than 3 million credit card authorisations per month were processed from worldwide sources.
  • Overseeing integration from eNett into MasterCard, Amex, UATP, Discover & Euram Bank supporting over 30 major currencies including live support with 6 different countries
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    Delivered service availability exceeding 99.9% whilst responsible for final review of code and database updates, patches and hot-fixes for all eNett products, with particular emphasis on preventing outages during updates.
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    Took great pride in the mentoring of junior developers in a small team environment
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    Focused on bridging the gap between business requirements and technical requirements well - taking a business led approach to solving technical problems
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    Working closely with non-development teams increases inter-operation between development and ops to increase quality and reduces downtime
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    Prior experience also includes: Restricted level clearance within the Department of Defence to develop a tool that forecasts the requirements for industry capabilities to meet the future needs of Defence projects.Development of an inventory management system for the Defence pharmacy networkCustom app development and technical management for JBA’s ERP System21 (acquired by Geac and now Infor)

Ways I Can Work With You

Does your company have a product that is market ready or under development? Do you know what the roadmap for that product looks like for the next 3, 6, or 12 months? Are your developers and operational staff aligned with your company and product? I can help you achieve all of these things.

Product Manager / Owner

A great product idea needs to be nurtured and steered in the right direction. If you are thinking of adding a new product to your existing suite or have a shopping list of enhancements to an existing product, you need someone with the ability to evaluate ideas, and map them out into a cohesive product roadmap. As someone that has done this in the past, and works well with development teams, understands technology, it's benefits and limitations, I know how to help you grow your product into something your company, your developers and your customers will love.

Development Team Leader

Great developers are awesome to have. They get in and get stuff done as they know what they are doing. But they can also be opinionated and easily distracted. Without a strong leader, a development team can lose focus, miss timelines, and produce substandard code. And your managers won't necessarily see it happening. How do you keep great developers focussed on your company goals whilst giving them enough challenge to keep them interested? A good team leader can do this. I can bring that direction and focus to your development team. And if you have a prospective team leader already, I can mentor that person so they become the strong leader your development team needs.

SQL Server Database Administrator

This doesn't really fit the mould here does it? Like most developers, for a long time I regarded the database was always a means to an end, and not an end in itself. You put data in. You get data out. The DB looks after itself. Well that all changed for me when I began development of what became the largest non-bank credit card processing hub in the southern hemisphere with eNett. In database design I needed to know IO counts, data partitioning across storage segments, projected database growth numbers. All for a system that was projected to reach around 3-5 million transactions a day within 6 months or so. Oh, and reporting requirements were still trickling in through the second half of the development time. It was a baptism of fire.

Then once the application was live, the problem became how to keep the app and database healthy whilst rolling out changes to the database structure itself. Managing storage use. Implementing structure and index changes without locking database tables or pages. All without degrading the live performance of the application. I was eventually given a full time DBA to help operationally on this project which I am hugely grateful for. But I got to learn so much about the database, and being a DBA, I regularly got called upon to fill in for the company DBAs when on leave or away sick. I still have this knowledge. I can still look at a database and see why particular things have been done. Or where bottlenecks are going to come up as traffic scales. I can bring this knowledge to your application.

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