Development Portfolio

Development Portfolio

My web development portfolio, all built with Thrive Themes. This is a sample of the projects I've worked on over the last 24 months. In that time, I've worked on complete websites, brochure & event sites, landing pages, and specific page design features.

Though I'm not a "blank page" designer, I have an eye for what works and what won't, and I know how to turn a photoshop page mockup into a real website. However, this is not where my strength lies. I have the ability to turn a concept that involves many unrelated activities into a cohesive, functional outcome.

The two sites featured here were projects where I was responsible for the organisation and development of all the "marketing infrastructure" involved in the events beforehand, and I the live streaming to the internet via the respective websites of the sessions at each event.

Each event was preceded by a social media marketing campaign to build interest and turn that interest into registrations or ticket sales.​

The Rad Life Rev Up series was conceived as a live interview series "tempter" to get people talking about Rad Fest Live and the presenters that were involved. This interest was then used as a part of the campaign for Rad Fest Live itself.

The Rad Life Rev Up interview live streams were performed using Google Hangouts. These were streamed live via YouTube & embedded on the Rad Life Rev Up home page using the Thrive Responsive Video control, and a Thrive content lock to ensure all viewers were registered for marketing follow up.

To stream the live sessions from Rad Fest Live, things were a little more complicated. We had arranged an A/V company to record video and audio for all sessions, so I was able to take a feed from these cameras into my Laptop and stream this video straight to YouTube live using "OBS Studio" software.​

The live YouTube stream was embedded on the Rad Fest Live website using the Thrive Responsive Video control. This time however, access was limited to anyone that had bought a ticket. Either to the "physical" event or a "live stream" ticket.​

Access to the live streams was restricted using Infusionsoft as the "source of truth" and Memberium to connect to the website.

Feel free to click on the screenshots below to go to a limited functionality copy of these sites as they existed during the marketing phase of each event, hosted by me.

A site built to promote and then host a series of free live "excitement building" webcasts for the upcoming Rad Fest Live event in New York, USA.

View the site.

Rad Life Rev Up

A site built initially to promote and sell tickets to the Rad Fest Live event held in New York, USA. During the event, each session was then streamed live from this site to paying viewers.

View the site.

Rad Fest Live

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