October 15


Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Part 1: Why Quizzes?

Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Tutorial Part 1 - Why Quizzes?

The following video "Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Part 1 - Why Quizzes" was the first of 3 #thriveninjasessions I created for the Facebook group Thrive Themes - Community And Support. It was originally published on September 14, 2018. If you use or are interested in Thrive Themes, I recommend you join the group, there's lots of really helpful people there, and me!

Hi everyone! Here is the first of my 3 informational sessions on Thrive Themes Quiz Builder.​

Today I'm talking about the things you can do with Quizzes - they're not just for fun things!. We'll also talk about the types of quiz you can build with Thrive Themes.

Next, I'll discuss some examples of common quiz uses. Finally I'll wrap up with some things you get to be mindful of when you are building a quiz for your site.

Go ahead and watch the video. The content is broken down into definite segments so stop and start as you go. There's a lot of info in there.


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