I am a software developer who thrives in intricate systems. Many stakeholders. Many dependencies. Many measures of success.

I am a product manager helping steer a path for product and team development into the known future & beyond.

I am a CTO, building websites, landing pages, learning management systems and managing infrastructure for our family's online coaching & community building business and our client's businesses.

I am a father. A husband. A cyclist. A coffee lover... and a deep thinker about what makes a happy fulfilled life and growing thriving teams.

Learn more about what I know, what I've done in the past and what I can do to help you. It's a wide ranging subject with something for everyone, so it gets it's own page.

I've started writing on the topics that interest me. Team building, design, quality, reliability, running a business, having a family. Check it out here.

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My career has been varied with many different areas of growth. From high volume, critical time, payment processing to being Mr Mum to my 3 kids working during school hours (which has its own critical time delights on a child's timeline).

Very different roles.
Very different outcomes.
Very different measures of success.

After working in the family business for a couple of years as CTO, I recently re-entered the IT industry to be involved in more complex projects. I had the privilege of working closely with an international consumer payments platform and a high profile Australian financial institution as a Product Manager / Product Owner creating new payment options for the Australian market. The project had many stakeholders and a very large team and I worked squarely in the middle managing the complexities of the different requirements. Not only were my software development skills in play, but all that I've learnt about teams and their success was put in place in a constantly changing landscape.

The Power of Teams

If there is one thing I've learnt in the 23 years I've been in software, it's that to be successful, you, your developers, and your company get to improve as a team.

Everyone knowing what their role is and what is expected of them. That they can speak and are heard. What their success looks like. What their future at your company could look like.

The business knowing where they want to go with their company & product and communicating this clearly to the entire team, as well as their market.

So what makes this happen?‚Äč

Relationships. Relationships with team mates. Relationships with management. Relationships with your customers or clients.