Our global family business is in the online education and event space. Run with my wife, we use the internet, social media and email to motivate women, sell programs and sell out events. My role as CTO has been to create the online presence, technical infrastructure management, online course delivery and order processing environment.

Using WordPress as the User interface layer supported by Thrive Themes content builder and plugins, connecting with other systems for payment processing, CRM & membership management, our family company maintains a significant online presence that delivered customers to a global event in New York for hundreds of women and continues to deliver retreats and online group programs.

Website Projects and Support

Website development is seldom done in isolation. The intention of your website will define the surrounding infrastructure and systems. From landing page development, to campaign management in your CRM system, email auto-responders, shared storage and payment processor integration, I have built and managed them all.

Over the 25 years I have spent in the web and internet field I have worked on large corporate intranet to small 1-5 page sites like this one, and everything in between. I am skilled in WordPress and Microsoft .Net languages, JavaScript, html and css and am an official Thrive Themes Ninja (an all in one business toolbox for WordPress).

I'm deeply involved in my wife's business that delivers coaching and information services online and events globally. Understanding the business context that drives the technical build of your website means that recommendations and decisions are made that support the whole of your business.

He has this great ability of visualising Tech work as you begin to articulate your business needs

Ananth Sankaran Business Analyst at Movember Foundation

Stu and I worked together for a project at Latitude Financial Services where he displayed exemplary product and project management skills. As a PO for the tech side, he went above and beyond his role to become a perfect conduit between Tech & Business teams.

He has this great ability of visualising Tech work as you begin to articulate your business needs and this saved us a lot of time and eliminating assumptions. An amazing colleague and a terrific tech guy to work with.

How Can I Help You With Your Big Idea?


Select and implement the hosting that is right for you, based on your needs and budget. I  evaluate host plans, your own traffic, your desire to keep your site "up" and to be able to recover quickly in the event it does go "down" and recommend a hosting plan and backup strategy that will fit within your budget.


Have a business idea and no idea how to start?  Your old site needs redevelopment? Your site is fine aside from a couple of niggles, or simply want to add some additional features?  Let's have a conversation about what you want to achieve and what it would take to get there.


No time to keep your site is running properly, or that your backups are being made and tested regularly? Lots of comments that need to be checked and approved? Sales pages need constant attention? SEO not really keeping up with the evolution of search engines? With many years  running sales and event websites as well as informational sites and blogs, I can help you.

Emergency Support

Website suddenly gone missing? Been hacked? Hosts not helping out or having trouble understanding what you are being asked? Let me help you. With over 20 years of experience in software and web development, I can translate requests and perform the tasks needed to get your site up again, and then help implement a plan to prevent your site from going missing again.