Technology Led Environments

My genius is in understanding complex problems in multi-technology environments and distilling it all to build a simple solution.

For companies who use technology to drive their offering or competitive advantage

Have established technical / development  / QA / ops teams in place

Time, skill or capacity means a problem or opportunity is not being met

A problem solver is required at the point technology and the business need intersect

Ways I can help your business

As Technical or Product Risk Elimination Specialist

One of my skills is an ability to take an idea or concept, evaluate what is possible and what is currently available, and create an alpha prototype or true "proof of concept" that shows if it can be done.

This step is critical for team unity & moral (ask me why!).

Once the alpha prototype is completed, the project is not just "thrown into the backlog."

I work with your Product Owner and team to ensure understanding of the prototype, and what gets to be completed to reach a deployable product.

As a "Red Team" leader

I engage with your existing development teams for a few days at a time at regular intervals.

I report to the product owners of your teams, overseeing, guiding and providing consistency across projects.

We review progress, roadblocks, performance and security.

We assess where each team is in relation to their project goal and I assist in reorienting them back to the critical path towards their target.

On a traditional project basis

Engaging with your stakeholders and teams and occasionally operating out of your standard dev protocol. I go deep underneath the hood in order to understand your problem and then deliver a solution.

This can be in the planning, execution, implementation or review of a project. Or all 4 stages.


eNett is a leading provider of B2B payment solutions to the Travel industry worldwide (acquired by WEX Inc in 2020).

The Problem

In the earlier years the challenge was how to profitably enable the issuing, authorisation, settlement and refund of around 3 million credit card transactions per day whilst maintaining the highest possible security of card and card holder data.

The Solution

eNett is the largest non-bank credit card processor in the Southern Hemisphere. By developing the ability to authorise and settle directly with the credit card companies a high volume, low latency service was possible.

The bypassing of traditional third party processing gateways reduced transaction fees & possible delays to each request.

At significant scale, this added up to a profitable financial solution.

Latitude Financial Solutions (LFS)

Product Manager for a JV between LFS, Clear Dynamics and a major international consumer payments provider, developing a "buy now, pay later" competitor to AfterPay in the Australian market.

The Problem

Very complex environment meeting and managing the requirements of the three different stakeholders. For example, the international payments provider had strict guidelines on technology and UX. LFS had Australian regulatory requirements to meet as well as responsibility for integrating into their existing infrastructure. Clear Dynamics were building the fully responsive UI integrating with services supplied by both partners for data management and security.

The Solution

Co-architected the foundation of the project in collaboration with all JV partners, to meet the data security and UX needs of the international payment provider and the data visibility and regulatory requirements of LFS in Australia. Teams were then built that ensured an appropriate level of input from each stakeholder.

KoBold Group

Sole developer of Input to Capability Analysis Tool (ICAT) for KoBold Group, a services and development provider to the ADF. KoBold is now part of Atturra.

The Problem

The offering was matching apples (an ADF budget line) with oranges (industry capabilities and skills) needed to meet the delivery of that budget line across decades in the future.

The Solution

For each dollar per year value for a line item the program split that into different activities that budgetary item has to fulfil and those activities to all the different skills, material and manufacturing capability available.

Shortfalls in skills, manufacturing capacity or material supply could then be analysed across the entire program timeline.

These shortfalls could then be evaluated for possible mitigation by adjusting the program timeline, or encouraging industry to retain or develop skill & capacity in these areas.

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