October 23


Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Part 2 Bonus: Opt Ins

Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Pt 2 Bonus - Opt In Limitations

The following video "Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Part 2 Bonus - Opt Ins" was a bonus session in a series of 3 #thriveninjasessions I created for the Facebook group Thrive Themes - Community And Support. It was originally published on September 24, 2018. If you use or are interested in Thrive Themes, I recommend you join the group, there's lots of really helpful people there, and me!

Opt Ins are always a goal of your quiz. They may not be the primary goal but they should always be a goal. See parts 1 & 2 of this series for a discussion on quiz goals.‚Äč

But there is a limitation in the standard opt-in gate within the Thrive Quiz Builder. You can't immediately segment your opt ins by quiz category.

The video is quick & focused. I demonstrate repurposing the results page to host 2 or more separate opt-in controls.

This is based on an implementation I used some time ago to get around opt-in gate limitations.


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